What I need to run Gillie ?


Requirements for using Gillie

First you have to make a contract with Gillie, see more at  www.gillie.ai.

You need an email account. Using the voice and SMS messaging service also requires a mobile phone and a mobile subscription that enable receiving SMS .

You don't have to install any extra software or apps. Enable cookies and JavaScript.  

Supported browsers

Gillie.ai works in all major web browsers. We recommend using the latest version. 

Supported browsers :

  • Edge (2 latest versions) 
  • Firefox (2 latest versions)
  • Google Chrome (2 latest versions)
  • Safari (2 latest)

Supported mobile browsers:

  • Mobile Safari (2 latest versions)
  • Chrome (2 latest versiona)
For the best user experience, we recommend the Chrome browser.


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