User data and user rights management


Quick reference : How to add users ?

  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Click Users in the left sidebar menu
  3. Enter the email address into the User ID field
  4. Give a temporary password for user
  5. Set Professional as a user role (user rights)
  6. Click save button
  7. Inform new user and ask him to change his password


User data



Picture: User basic data. Contact information in not mandatory.


User permission management


Picture: User permissions

User permissions are managed on two level

  • Person level rights : Set user access right to person' data
  • Function level rights : Set role related permissions and restrictions for functions


Permission level rights defines user access to person's data

  • You can give to users access to all persons (set allow all teams on)
  • You can give to users access to all persons of a team (select teams from allowed teams selection list)
  • You can set more granular permissions for named persons ( set show only allowed persons on and choose persons from drop down list)


Role defines function level rights

The most common user roles are administrator and professional.

Administrator manages     

  • User Information and Permissions     
  • Alarms and attention controls    
  •  Integrations with other systems


Professional manages     

  • Person's information     

Terms and invoicing agreement

You can set a grouping factor for invoicing report. Not mandatory field.


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