How to set up user's permissions?


Quick Guide     

  1. Log into your Gillie account as Administrator
  2. Click Teams in the left sidebar menu to add teams
  3. Click Users in the left sidebar menu to add users
  4. To make the user a Professional user, click the Roles dropdown menu and select Professional
  5. To grant permission to person data select  allowed team(s) 
  6. Click Change view to change to professional view 
  7. Click Persons in the left sidebar menu to add person
  8. Set allowed teams to person

User permissions are managed on two level

  • Person level rights : Set user access right to person' data
  • Function level rights : Set role related permissions and restrictions for functions


Permission level rights defines user access to person's data

  • You can give to users access to all persons (set allow all teams on)
  • You can give to users access to all persons of a team (select teams from allowed teams selection list)
  • You can set more granular permissions for named persons ( set show only allowed persons on and choose persons from drop down list)


Role defines function level rights

The most common user roles are administrator and professional.  Administrator has access to all features.

Administrator has access to

  • User Information and permissions     
  • Alarms and attention controls    
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Audit trail
  • Person's information     
  • Measurement data 

Professional has access to

  • Person's information     
  • Measurement data 
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