How to maintain person information ?


How to add a new person ?

Person is a patient or a home care customer like a senior citizen. A Professional user has access to person's data.

  1. Log in as an professional user
  2. Click Persons 
  3. Click the + New Person
  4. Enter the data, mandatory fields are marked with * -symbol
  5. Click Save button


How to update person data ?

  1. Log in as an professional user
  2. Click Persons to choose right person
  3. Click the blue drop down menu icon on the right side of persons name
  4. Click Persons
  5. Update the data, mandatory fields are marked with * -symbol
  6. Click Save button


Picture: Click drop down menu icon to update person data


The "team"  give to the nurses the right to process the person's information


Pic: Set allowed teams to person 




  • Team / User Group
  • User / Gillie user / carer / nurse / professional user
  • Person / patient / home care client



  • Teams define the rights to view and process person data
  • A user can belong to many teams
  • Person has a list of the teams that are allowed to process the customer's data.

The user access to person's data depends on which rights (teams) are assigned to accounts. 

Missing team?

Teams are managed in the Administrator view.

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