Supported physical devices


How can I connect a device to Gillie ?

  • Use Gillie Open API
  • Use Native API

The stack

Gillie IoT  is designed to help you to connect various services to create end-to-end healthcare IoT  solutions as fast as possible.

Device hardware  -> Device Vendor's Cloud -> Communications -> Gillie Cloud 

  • Device Hardware -  Gillie supports various sensors like Blood Sugar Sensors, Motions Sensors etc. In some cases devices utilize apps as a user interface.
  • Device Vendors Cloud - gives access to device data, like measurements
  • Communication - Internet
  • Gillie Cloud - Being able to send and receive data is the core of Gille IoT


Open API

Gille has a documented open API. For example, Gillie provides an API that allows you to move device data into and out of the Gillie and sync with other services like patient health record systems.


Native API



Picture: Gillie offers plug'n play APIs for several devices.

For more information about devices , see device vendor's web pages.



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