Pairing Omron device


Data flow 

Example:  Blood Pressure Meter -> Omron connect cloud -> Gillie. 

User can see measurements from  Omron connect app.

How to pair Omron device?

Omron use oAuth authentication.


Omron connect setup instructions

  1. Download Omron connect app
  2. Create Omron user account  (example:, follow Omron's instructions

Make a test measurement and  check if you can see it in Omron connect app.

Next pair Omron device in Gillie.


Gillie pairing instructions

  1.  Log into Gillie as a professional user 
  2. Click Persons  in the left menu bar
  3. Find a person or create a new person, click selected person. Person's desktop view will open.
  4. In the person's desktop view, click the menu button  in the upper-right corner
  5. Click Devices in the drop down list
  6. Click + New Device button
  7. From the device list, click Omron devices
  8. You'll see instructions, click the Accept button to continue
  9. The login view of the Omron connect app opens
    1. Enter Omron connect username ( and password (see pic below)
    2. Allow Data transfer from the Omron connect app into Gillie
  10. You'll automatically return to Gillieen
  11. Pairing is done


Pic: Step 9.  Omron connect login view.



How can I test?

  1.  Take a Blood Pressure Measurement  
  2. View the measurement in Omron Connect app
  3. Log into Gillie
  4. Find the person, click person. Person's detailed desktop view will open
  5. Click the Vitals Card or type word blood into search area
  6. Select Blood Pressure tab


Pic: Type word blood into seach area, click view button to see graphs. 



Pic: Vitals  graph Click Calendar to select the date. 

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